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Artist Statement

Why am I so weird? People ask me that all the time. I have a few theories, but this is a statement concerned with art, not psychology, so let’s talk about my art.

Why is my art so weird? People almost never ask me that. Maybe they just assume it stems from a personal problem (see paragraph one). Or maybe they have developed the notion through several embarrassing episodes in the past that this sort of question clearly demonstrates their ignorance of art and they find themselves shunned by the “beautiful people” upon opening their mouths. Or maybe this is a clear indication that making art is the perfect occupation for me. I can sit at home and paint a picture of the crescent moon with a big foot sticking out of it without fear of verbal abuse because, after all, I’m an artist, a valuable and necessary member of modern society.

I realize my vision is twisted but I try to be subtle. I like to paint nice bright pictures that lure the viewer in and let the disturbing elements sink in slowly. Like a puzzle or a riddle, a good painting requires a little time and thought to fully appreciate. I prefer to start a painting with no clear idea what it is going to look like. This way, it is a mystery for me to unravel, a journey into uncharted waters. It’s like working a Ouija board except I have a paintbrush in my hand. An ironic reversal takes place, the imagery that I paint which starts out as a nonsensical collage of shapes and lines soon dictate where the painting is going, what the message is, as opposed to my conscious will dictating the message beforehand and forcing line and shape to do my bidding.

Obviously, art historians a thousand years from now will most likely deduce that I was influenced by the Surrealists and their notions about creating from the subconscious mind. While this is a subject of much heated debate at the present time, I will admit that I learn the most intriguing things about myself from my paintings. Sometimes, a painting will bring out some intense issue that my rational mind cannot deal with or articulate. Sometimes, other people find the message so obvious and they ultimately have to explain it to me.

So, that’s what it’s all about. Getting inside my head and dragging out all the crazy business. Is that so weird? There’s some great stuff in there – stuff you won’t even see on cable. I’m putting mine on canvas.

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